Against All Odds (AAO)




Ever since I was a child I always challenged myself to do the seemingly impossible. Whether it was pushing myself to eat an extra slice of cake (hey not everyone likes cake), playing for the worst intramural team (with the intention of winning though!) or taking additional classes, I was always Against All Odds (AAO). I want to appreciate everyone that gets to read these blogs whether it be tomorrow, next week or many years from now. I’m excited and nervous because this is the start of my journey. I recently graduated from college with a Biochemistry degree and dream to become a surgeon. It is a goal I am currently working on and waiting for interview appointments and results (wish me luck!). Aside from that I have always had a huge interest in the personal finance department and entrepreneurship.


I grew up in a undeserved neighborhood where I didn’t meet a professional until I matriculated into college and the number of business owners I know might as well be in the negatives. HOWEVER, I am not here to talk about my unfortunate circumstances (that’s what common apps are for). I’m here to simply talk about my journey towards creating my business and learning everything that I can learn in finance. As an aspiring physician I want to help my family, friends, community and anyone else that can benefit from this blog. Even though I graduated college, I will forever be a student ready to learn something enriching and beneficial towards my goals and dreams.


My goal is to write about my new discoveries and decisions I make whether they be right or incorrect (I wouldn’t say wrong because I like to think I take time to sit down and analyze different outcomes). I hope that with time as I continue learning and growing more people will read and comment on what I am doing right and what could use some revision and work. If I fail (which I hope not) well at least you can use this information to learn what not to do. Honesty is a very big thing for me so I will deliver content that is true and honest no matter how bad it actually is. I’ll also be adding my own opinions and views as well as parts of my life that don’t pertain to business because every entrepreneur has a story and mine has been a bumpy ride so far. Lastly I would like to apologize if I start rambling too much. If I happen to do so please feel free to leave me a comment on that too, but I will get better. These are very unfamiliar waters I have entered. I have never blogged and I have never met someone that own a business so I hope we can all learn together and once again go AAO.


Author: aao8894

I am 22 years old exploring the world and everything it has to offer. No matter what I do in life I will always be a student and I love it. I love learning and I hope to someday inspire people to go and fight for their dreams like I am currently doing.

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